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Durango Rebel Saddle Boot

Durango Rebel Saddle Boot


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The Durango Rebel Saddle Boot has a great look, is comfortable to wear and is simply a boot that you’ll want to wear daily. The upper of this manly-looking boot features full-grain leather. Additionally, the finger holes allow you to get this tall square-toe boot on and off with ease. Inside, there’s a contoured footbed to provide relieving cushion for your feet – which is also replaceable! Also, the tempered steel shank gives you steady footing and provides support for your arches. The double row of welt stitching enhances the boot’s durability and strength. Furthermore, the outsole is made of a combination of rubber and EVA to give it flexibility and comfort. All of this considered, the Durango Rebel Saddle Boot is a must have for comfort and long term wear!


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