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Tony Lama Americana in Creedance Brown

Tony Lama Americana in Creedance Brown


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Tony Lama Americana in Creedance Brown

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These Tony Lama Men’s Americana Creedance Brown Cowboy Boots are a flawless combination of mid-20th century American style and practicality. The genuine, American-imported leather is featured on the foundation of a sturdy, square-toed rubber sole and an exquisite, traditional cattleman heel. The pristine craftsmanship of these waterproof boots will ensure you stay dry and comfortable throughout your whole day. On top of that, the cushioned insoles will keep you standing tall and proud as you show off these masterfully designed boots.

The gold and turquoise stitching along the 11-inch shaft is an immaculate contrast to the soothing brown on the leather. All of this is complemented by white piping outlining the side of the shaft and the edge of the V-cut. At the top of the shaft are four pull holes outlined in more turquoise, and the top of the sole is traced by a double row welt stitch.


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