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Handmade Wallet Florida Tooling

Handmade Wallet Florida Tooling


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Want to carry a unique wallet and enjoy handmade items? Then, the Handmade Wallet Florida Tooling is perfect for you! If it is a gift, we are sure they will enjoy this one of a kind wallet.

The Handmade Wallet Florida Tooling is handmade from genuine leather by our store owner from start to finished. This wallet was hand cut, hand dyed, and hand sewn to give you a one of a kind finished product. Furthermore, the wallets are made from 4 to 6 mm thick leather. Thus, the end result has a very supple and dense feel. Regardless of the weight, it is a practical size, super soft, and will comfortably fit any pocket you carry it in. The end result is a one of a kind masterpiece!

  • Interior features:
    • 6 credit card pockets
    • two secret pockets
    • the cash pocket
    • additional plastic insert to hold more cards or photos.

All parts handmade by Spencers!