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**Tandy Leather Products in Pinellas

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Welcome to the fascinating world of LEATHER.
Whether you are a child or an adult, LEATHER offers
fun and rewards to all that care to take the adventure.
The history of leather speaks for itself, dating back to the
beginning of mankind when leather was vital for survival
by providing protection against the elements of nature
when animal skins were used as clothing and footwear.
Today, leather continues to be used for clothing; mainly for
warmth and fashion but it goes way beyond those purposes
today. Leather has captured the hearts of so many,
young and old.

Spencers Western World is proud to offer a great many
Tandy Leather products. Many listed below

Tandy Leather Product Catagories:

Lacing and Stitching Supplies
Leather Working Hand Tools
Stamps and Alphabet Sets
Leathercraft and Craft Kits
Belts, Buckles and Conchos
Leathercraft Hardware
Leather Care, Adhesives & Color
Leathercraft Books and Patterns
Leathercraft Starter Sets

Oak-Leaf Tooling Leather, Veg-Tan Leather, Herman Oak, Kodiak, Oil Tanned Leather, Deer Tanned, Leather Scraps, Leather Pieces, Leather Bundles,
Rawhide, Leather Lace.

Lacing and Stitching Supplies:
Lace, Thread, Sinew, Needles, overstitchers, Fid, Sewing Awl, Groovers, Wing Divider, Stitching Pony, Punches, Chisels, Mallets, Shears,
Cutters, Knives.

Leather Working Hand Tools:
Bevelers, Skivers, Gougers, Creasers, Edgers, Slickers, Swivel Knife, Strop, Mauls, Mallets, Modeling Tools, Stamping Tools.

Leathercraft and Craft Kits:
Hanbag Kits, Wallet Kits, Money Clip Kits, Cell Phone kITS, Smart Phone kITS, Tablet Kits, Guitar Strap Kit, Moccasin Kit, Holster Kits,
Knife Sheath Kit,

Belts, Buckles and Conchos
too many to list

Leathercraft Hardware
too many to list

Leather Care, Adhesives & Color
Adhesives,Cements, Dyes, Stains, Finishes, Protectants.